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Officials were optimistic "that as they come to libertine lyon appreciate the benefits of Canadian laws and customs, the prejudice will gradually disappear, and they will gladly comply with the requirements of the government.
With the British and German settlers it is otherwise.
I have reported the above to the different officials of the Department of Interior up here.
The commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Donald Blakeslee, appointed Beeson the group's gunnery officer.In January 1943, Beeson was training on the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt.They received extensive newspaper and radio coverage.The Moose Jaw mayor presented them with the citys souvenir plate.Some of the women supplemented their income as domestic servants.The camp was liberated by Soviet forces on April 29, 1945.
Instructions to patrolmen emphasized that reports should include fairly detailed information about the agricultural progress of the settlers but they did not normally require comment about the ethnic background of the settlers.
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