And when we had our first kiss.
Yes, Yes, Yes What's my name?
That's not my ah, pushin' past real good, takin' you to ecstasy.Yeah, well I ancienne maison close lille see you on Wednesdays all the time You come in every Wednesday on your lunch break, I think And you always order the special, with the hot chocolate And my manager be tripping and stuff Talking bout we gotta use water But.So much, girl you knew what.Your feelin' me it's not just words I'm whispering things in your ear That you never heard oooo Yeah What's my name?I need to hear you say.Ooh na na, Jaké je moje jméno Ooh na na, Jaké je moje jméno Ooh na na, Jaké je moje jméno Jaké je moje jméno, Jaké je moje jméno Ne všichni ví, jak zpracovat mé tělo Jak udělat abych to chtěla Chlapče vydrž Máš něco.Baby what you trying to do, I never thought I'd lose with you.See I know what you want, Girl you know I aim to please.You just waiting on the traffic jam to finish girl.Baby you got me, and aint nowhere that I'd.Cuz I've been tryna work it out, oooow.
Will you ever know it?
Ooooo Oooooo, doin more than I've ever done for anyone's attention.But now.I'm thinking about my life, but its barely just begun.Thought it's been a good while, Girl you know I'm still qualified.Than with your arms around me Back and forth you rock me So I surrender, to every word you whisper Every door you enter, I will let you in Hey boy I really wanna see if you can go downtown with a girl like.And you'll never get a chance to experience my lovin'.Say my name, say my name.I'm standing in the sun, waiting for the rain.