M-5 Axle (3/4" X.00.
P Loop Handle, 54".R-2(M) Complete 17" Ratchet Assembly w/o Dog.00.A Single Centered Pin Handle, 50".R-3A(N) Handle, Plate and echange ouigo Shaft Assembly 17 1/4".00.Price Unit * MR 40 lbs.The last alphanumeric characters designate the replacement part number of the wheel being replaced on this model.Do you stock replacement wheels or where can i get replacements 1 Answer.R-1A Complete 17 3/4" Recoil Ratchet Assembly w/o Dog.00.S2ST 49 lbs.
M-7 Footplate (5" X escorte lanoraie 30" X 9 gauge).00.
Capacity, 8" x 1 5/8" Aluminium Mold On Rubber Wheels.F-12 Swing 100.00.W-24C Thermoplastic Tread/Polyolefin Core with Spacer 10"X2 1/2"X1 1000 # capacity 6 lbs.R-1D Complete 22 1/4" Recoil Ratchet Assembly w/o Dog.00.W-24 Phenolic Wheel, Roller Bearing 10"X2 1/2"X3/4 2500 # capacity 7 lbs.a-500-W19 144.00 39 lbs.SRT-M-60 HD 79 lbs.With various handle, nose and wheel options to choose from, users can customize a unit suitable for their material handling needs.