slang to call a girl pretty

Appealing (adj) : Something that is attractive or interesting (it appeals to you).
Fetching (adj) is an adjective meaning attractive that comes from old English.Last edited on Sep 07 2010.14 Method 3 Saying Woman or Girl in Spanish 1 Say woman or girl in Spanish.Did this summary help you?Bewitching/Bewitched (adj) has the quality of casting a spell on somebody, being hypnotized, or losing control, as is often the case with romantic desires.9, put the tip of your tongue behind the top row of your teeth against the ridge of your is is called the en, vibrate your tongue against that ridge.This rich mix of different tongues and the evolution of English (much thanks to our friend Shakespeare) has made English the beautiful mélange mixture that it is today.Check your translations: When I was a beginning Spanish speaker in Mexico, I learned that the literal translation for fox in Spanish was zorra.
It is commonly used to describe feminine beauty, but can be used to describe a man too.
I use it (8 no longer use it (1 heard it but never used it (7 have never heard it (6 average of 13 votes: 51 see the most vulgar words.While it does denote attraction and theres nothing superficial about this word, pretty is not as deep and significant as beautiful.Tips Keep in mind that text messages are limited in their ability to communicate nuances, especially subtle prostituées chinoises belleville humor.In Spanish, the h is not pronounced like an English hard.Return from 75 Ways to Say Beautiful to Top Real Life English Articles.