It is still widely spoken in Saint Lucia, but the actual number of saloon libertin fr speakers appear to have declined in the past decades.
While I was receiving my trophy for Junior Male Basketball Player of the Year, 2001, Sammy was the recipient of cricketer of the year and sportsman of the year awards.
However, it can be used as an exclamation.
Every time a West Indian bowl the ball, again, Hees Salop!Nowadays, we have our own hero who goes by the name of Darren Sammy.Hope this helps - you should have no problem understanding the locals when they speak and if you kow a bit of French, then even better.Arabic algerian, arabic bahraini, arabic egyptian, meilleur site pour echange maisons arabic iraqi.Being in America on a college basketball scholarship, I was never in my homeland to be a spectator of international cricket.Ive always told myself that Saint Lucian is the best hype crowd ever!Bon Jour is Bon Jou, Merci is meci, etc.A vehicular accident, a fall, someone getting hit, a loud noise.At that point, I never thought that he would have made it this far.
Person is running and is expected to fall* "hees, hees, hees" *person falls* "hees salop!" *Nearby gun shot is heard* salop!
And more than 90 of the populations eyes were glued to their TVs.
Like I said, it was my first time attending an international cricket match and Ive never heard Saint Lucians say our national word so many times in one day.In the mid-19th century it was exported to Panama, where it is now moribund.Lucia is a French based Creole- so if you speak French, you can understand and make yourself understood, but everybody speaks English - on tours, in restaurants, at bars, in supermarkets, etc.Arabuc, aragonese Argentina spanish Argentine Argentinian Arikevo Armenian Aromanian Arpitan Arsenal Asian accent Assamese Assyrian Asturian Atlantean Atvian Aussie bush Aussie slang Australia Australian Australian nynex Austrian Avatar: the legends of aang and korra Aymara Azerbaijani Azeri Babies Baby Bacon Baduski Bagri Bahamian Bahasa indonesia.At the end of the battle in Saint Lucia, West Indies won the first ODI by 42 runs; Australia won the second ODI by 30 runs and then Australia won the T20 match by 8 wickets before leaving for Barbados.Salop is blurted out so involuntarily.Ammy, anish, annoying cat, apache, ape, arabic.Every time a West Indian cricketer swung at the ball, they would have shouted, Hees Salop!#salloppe #bitch #nasty #rat #hees by DeeOweEn Az Mafia May 11, 2009 Salop unknown Often preceded by "hees" (hees salop!) and could either be followed by laughter or amazement.

Boy you really salop eh" #ssalope #salope #sahlop #slop #salopte by, de Invadah, november 23, 2005, salop unknown.