The café serves a range of appetising dishes based on fresh seasonal ingredients.
Printout, label big, small, slow, fast, day, night, behind, in front of, first, and last in French.Opened in 1924, the rooms name and design reflect its original purpose, which was to house a rich collection of plaster copies of French 17th and 18th century sculptures, a gift from the French state.Entrance fee: 1 franc.The interior of the French Salon.Opposites #4 in French, a Label Me!Walnut Salon, french Renaissance style Lounge, taleon Imperial Hotel.The nationalism and avante-garde juxtaposition did not go unnoticed by critics.Natiss International Salon is the first 24 hours salon in Manhattan, NYC.Opposites in French #2, a Label Me!La fontaine des Innocents by Jean Goujon, which was constructed in Paris in 1547, and later transferred to the Louvre.The busts in the windows are of (from the left the painter and museum director Pierre roxane escort Mignard, by Desjardins, Marie Antoinette, by Lecomte, and Le Grand Conde, by Coysevox).
The reliefs in the wall panels were part of the original French gift.
Size: 78 m2 (840 sq ft occupancy: up to 75 guests, options: adjoining Golden Salon available as a reception space with this room).If you cannot honor your appointment, please give 2 hours notice before cancellation.The prostituée belleville paris architect Arnstein Arneberg was entrusted with the design of the room, which he decorated with marbled stucco, hand-crafted, gilded radiator screens featuring fleurs-de-lis, and solid oak floors.Printout, label dirty, clean, hot, cold, wide, narrow, open, closed, push, and pull in French.Fell free soirée masquée libertine to send your questions using Feedback button and make an appointment today online!Enfilade, musical salon, golden Salon, library, home-made ice-cream.Opposites #3 in French, a Label Me!Open hours: Mon Fri: 12:00 23:00 Sat Sun: 13:00 23:00 Business lunch: Mon Fri, 12:00 16:00 Live music: 20:00 22:30 Tel.: 7 (812).Major Credit Cards Welcome.