I enjoy the fragrance a lot, but it is highly unlikely that I will repurchase this escorte oise product because of its low staying power.
I read it in a magazine that when it came out, they were selling.5 bottles of this product per minute.
Smell is nice and sweet and lingers around you very decently, a perfect lady scent.The Body Shop White Musk Eau De Toilette Review.Our best-selling fragrance is so soft, velvety and alluring, that youll want to wear it every day (and night).The fragrance has, as the name suggests, strong undertones of rose and something smoky, like musk, but it doesnt make it masculine.This was when the product was not even launched in India.I adresse maison close marrakech bought this perfume along with the perfume oil from the same range (.
The staying power of this perfume I would say is around 4-5 hours!At least 6-7 hours may be, if that is not too much to ask TBS!The smell is not at all strong.The Body Shop White Musk Sun Glow Body Puree.I can easily see why its The Body Shops best-selling fragrance its soft, comfortably sexy, and suitable to wear daily the office, at school, even in an elevator no need to douse yourself with it of course, just a few sprays will.Harganya sekitar 100k (lupa harga tepatnya).It has this matte finish glass bottle with a floral pink shade fading away towards the top.Victorias Secret Super Model Eau De Parfum.The Body Shop White Musk Moisturising Hand and Nail Cream.