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ID : MP : ronaldo7.
Toutes en parfait état.03/09/17 - plan cul a annecy maurel.Also would like to buy some mint Thai stamps, I will pay face value plus 5 28/12/17 - Daniel petit - france Jaimerais échanger timbres oblitérés dEurope 28/12/17 - marischal - 11 rue libertine perfume new farm Dalmas - 93200 St-Denis - france Échange.France Échange timbre neuf du Monde contre idem.No undulating cancellations, please!28/11/17 David bembic slovenia I exchange used stamps worldwide.Jancius USA I want used or mint international stamps.0 1/12/17 Roger STE VEN - belgium I'm searching for used stamps from EU countries (including Vatican and San Marino I can offer you the same, especialy Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Berlin, echange miracle pokemon legendaire France.) perfect conditions only please.All what I offer are postally used commemorative stamps of Europe and worldwide.I use Michel and Yvert.
Ofrezco argentina, futbol, fauna, flores, deportes antartida, pinturas, cine, ETC.
Ghirlandei 9 Bl 43 ap Bucarest 76 - roumanie Recherche correspondants pour échange TP (O) sur cote.
ID : bcambakidis MP : capuciin3.09/03/18 - boffif - 12 rue Yvon Morandat - 51100 Reims - france Contre 30 TP oblitérés France GF récents donne 30 TP oblitérés thématique phare 08/03/18 - odou Roger - 8 rue Victor Clément - 65000 Tarbes - france Achète France seul sur lettres.Propongo el canje a través del catálogo Scott 2011. .12 chemin de lAutan - La Garrigole - 81540 Sorèze - france FDC 1er jour France c/c ou 1/1 envoyer manco, dispo.Prefer exchange by cataloque or photos (scans).Football and painting issues from different countries.For similar stamps of Vatican, France, Tuvalu, Morocco, Tunisia, Island countries, African nations etc.12/11/17 - dieu - 850 avenue d'Orzy - 08500 Revin - france Échange timbres.I give Indian miniature sheet and used stamp.