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This area forms a hinterland for the Geneva hub.
Until the mid-20th century, Arpitan was widely spoken in the whole region, while many of the inhabitants of the south spoke varieties of Occitan ; both are in steep decline in this region.As with the rest of France, French is the only official language of the region.The western part of the region contains the start of the Massif Central mountain range.Accès handicapés, restaurant, hôtel climatisé, receive, oUR special offers.In the east of the region the food has an Alpine flavour with dishes such as fondue, raclette common, gratin dauphinois and gratin savoyard.Rhône-Alpes has the sixth-largest economy of any European region.This guide to cuisine and restauraunt in Rhone-Alpes is protected by the copyright law.Lyon itself became a major city in the Roman Empire.Taxes, fees not included for deals on a échangé nos noel replay content.Starting from, eUR 42, starting from, eUR.
The region, excepting Savoy, was part of the Merovingian and Carolingian Kingdoms before becoming a royal territory under the Capetians.
Boiled potatoes in their skins are served with a special cheese dressing, called Berthoud.Most of the area became part of Roman territory during the invasion of Celtic Gaul led by Julius Caesar and was at various times part of the regions of Lugdunensis and Gallia.The area of the region that lies close to Switzerland has an economy linked to that of Geneva.The dressing is cooked salop meaning st lucia with addition of pepper, garlic and white wine; thats also a typical Savoyard delicacy.Ideally situated between Lyon and Beaujolais, near exit 33 of the A6 motorway, 13 kilometres from Lyon Perrache (.) See hotel description.There are immigrant populations from Armenia, Italy, North Africa, Poland rencontre libertine ardennes and Portugal amongst other places.These three urban areas are very complementary, and have smaller cities around, like satellites.