Act- Possess anything the possession, manufacture, or sale of which is NOT otherwise AN offense that is specifically designed, made or adapted for use in libertine cafe bistro bar the commission of an offense.
Act- Know an invest.
Act- cause a death.
Classify felony 1 if capital offense was intended, felony 2 if offense solicited was a felony.Writ of Habeas Corpus "You have the body" Writ to make the sheriff prove to a judge why you are in custody.Act- Employee of correctional facility or peace officer Deny a person in custody, rights, privileges, immunity Knowing his conduct is unlawful (MA) OR Consensual sex with a person in custody (SJ) Disorderly Conduct CMS- Intentionally/knowingly.Combination 3 or more persons who get together to commit crimes Criminal Street Gang 3 or more persons with Common identifying sign or symbol AND/OR Identifiable leadership who regularly commits crimes.Act- Offer to engage in sexual conduct OR solicit For hire.Act - Influence or attempt to influence by threat, a public servant or voter.Act- Hinder an official proceeding (anything conducted by a public servant) By noise, violence or tumultuous behavior.Official Oppression CMS- Knowing that his conduct is unlawful.
Places weapons prohibited CMS- Intentionally, knowingly or recklessly.
Act- Operating motor vehicle in a Public place.OR Two or more offenses that are connected to a common scheme.A CMS- Intentional, knowing, or reckless.Penalty, acceptance of Honorarium (36.07 tarif prostituée ukraine mA, aiding Suicide (22.08).Trespass by license holder with concealed or open carry license Carrying a handgun with a license, without effective consent, notice that your gun is not welcome, you carry or open carry.A Voyeurism CMS- intent 4x4 a echanger to arouse or gratify sexual desire.Act- Take or retain a child ( 18) in violation of custody order.Assault Classifications When MA assault is an act of family violence, assault is enhanced to F3 after only one prior family violence conviction (includes deferred adjudication) (excludes prior MC conviction).

Reckless, aware but consciously disregards a substantial and unjustifiable risk of harm.
Updated 19:18, texas Penal Code, penal Code Title.
Act - Offers, confers, or agrees to confer (coercion is covered here any benefit, on a witness, in an official proceeding, to alter testimony.