There are an estimated 50,000 prostitutes in Morocco.
And they fight for their share of the blog de couple coquin market with competitors who hail from central Africa.
Most live on their own (between 60 and 70) but support someone financially (in 50-80 of cases often children (up to 56) or their family of origin.
Shopping Center (foodcourt included.Those who do not exhibit a marriage certificate are liable of arrest and the hotelier risks having to shut down.The majority (54) revealed they had not used a condom in the 30 days before they were interviewed for the survey, either because they weren't carrying one or because their client did not want to use.Desperation instead lies in the medina.In the ancient Jewish district Mellah, women offering sex are older and tariffs go down to 20 Dirham, or 2 euros for sex just two steps from the souk.And in between jobs, they can get their hair done or pick a beautician until.In the new city, amid what remains of buildings built by the French during the protectorate and new establishments of the movida, the reputation of the girls of Marrakech is reported from tourist to tourist.The most beautiful, often selected by night clubs, can charge up to 300 euros a night, with dinner paid by the client included.
Square 16 November, Avenue Mohammed V, Rue Yugoslavie are among the easiest addresses during the day.
View more, image by hurley.The most sought-after clients are those from Saudi Arabia although Europeans are welcome too, provided they have money.Just three hours away from the main Italian airports, the city is the capital of tourism: it represents an exotic destination that is close.4) Noir sur Blanc Gallery, noir sur Blanc Gallery is located in the New City of Marrakech, Gueliz.Marrakesh, however, has the lion's share, followed by Casablanca.McDonalds, shoe shops, and re).(by Olga Piscitelli) (ansamed) - rabat, MAY 28 - Prostitutes in Morocco mostly gather in locations across a city that are a symbol of consumerism: during the day, in fashion stores, fast foods and brasseries; at night in discos and trendy restaurants.