The word "Gaillarde" (still used in current.
French ) probably stands for bravery or strength in the city's name, but it can also refer to the city's walls.
These fortifications no longer exist and are now replaced by boulevards.It is also the location of the city hall, the main police station, and the m Labenche museum.For this, the city received the "Croix de guerre " military decoration.One notable landmark outside the inner city is the "Pont Cardinal a bridge which used to be a crossing point for travelers from Paris to Toulouse.The population of the urban area was 89,260 as of 1999.During the 12th century walls are built around the city and during the Hundred Years' War a second wall is built.Sport, the city is home to a rugby union team, CA Brive.Although it is by far the biggest commune in Corrèze, the capital is Tulle.Starting around the 5th century, the original city starts to develop escort way real estate around a church dedicated to Saint-Martin-l'Espagnol.History, even though the inhabitants settled around the 1st century, the city only started to grow much later.The commune was named "Brive" until 1919, when it was renamed "Brive-la-Gaillarde".
Brive now extends outside of its original boundaries into.
It will also host the 2009 Junior World Rowing Championships Famous natives Brive-la-Gaillarde was the birthplace of: * Guillaume Dubois (16561723 cardinal and statesman * Pierre André Latreille (17621833 entomologist * Guillaume Marie Anne Brune (17631815 marshal of France * Dimitri Yachvili (1980 French international.
The medieval center is mainly a commercial district with retail shops and various cafés.French commune nomcommuneBrive-la-Gaillarde régionLimousin départementCorrèze canton insee19031 cp19100 gentiléBrivistes mairePhilippe Nauche mandat intercommBrive longitude1.532078 latitude45.158317 alt moy142 m alt mini102 alt maxi315 m hectares4859 km48.59 sans49,141 date-sans1999 dens1011 date-dens1999, brive-la-Gaillarde limousin dialect of Occitan language: "Briva la Galharda is a commune of France.Brive-la-Gaillarde was the first city of Occupied France to liberate itself by its own means, on August 15, 1944.It is a sub-prefecture of the Corrèze department.Mayors : Jean rencontre sex strasbourg Charbonnel : Bernard taux de change euro livre sterling Murat present : Philippe Nauche.Finally, it is the home of CA Brive rugby union team.During World War II, Brive-la-Gaillarde was a regional capital of the Resistance, acting as a seat of several clandestine information networks and several of the principal resistance movements, including the "Armée secrète" (or Secret Army) and the "Mouvements unis de la Résistance" (or United Movements.It has around 50,000 inhabitants, while the population of the urban area was 89,260 in 1999.Although it is by far the.Brive, la, gaillarde, ouest.