The government established three new legal clinics to provide women with counseling regarding domestic violence.
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The Ministry of quartier chinois paris prostitution Justice's efforts to raise prisoners' daily rations to 750 grams of food (typically dry manioc, rice, or cassava) provided only slight relief, as not all prisoners received this amount in practice.97 The country was set to impose a carbon tax in 2009 at 17 euros per tonne of carbon emitted, 98 which would have raised 4 billion euros of revenue annually.The 1990s saw a conglomeration of many French couture houses under luxury giants and multinationals such as lvmh.Archived from the original on French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.Two of the 22 appointed regional administrators were women.Only months later, France faced another anti-colonialist conflict in Algeria."Evolution de l'espérance de vie à divers âges" (in French).The counter-revolution, begun in March 1793 in the Vendée, by July had spread to Brittany, Normandy, Bordeaux, Marseilles, Toulon, Lyon.In 2008, the TeO Trajectories and origins poll conducted jointly by ined and the French National Institute of Statistics 228 229 estimated that 5 million people were of Italian ancestry (the largest immigrant community followed by 3 million 230 231 to 6 million 232 people of Northwest.For example, a pretrial detainee accused of cattle theft was released in February 2006 after being held without charge for 19 years because his file had gone missing.
France also uses hydroelectric dams to produce electricity, such as the Eguzon dam, Étang de Soulcem, and Lac de Vouglans.
186 :66 Energy Further information: Energy in France Électricité de France (EDF the main electricity generation and distribution company in France, is also one of the world's largest producers of electricity.74 Some 200 peaceful civilians demonstrating for independence were killed by (mostly Senegalese) French troops in Casablanca, Morocco, on April 78, 1947.Élysée Présidence de la République (in French).Some historians consider the civil war to have lasted until 1796 with a toll of possibly 450,000 lives.Members of the Bonaparte family were appointed as monarchs in some of the newly established kingdoms.Archived (PDF) from the original on Retrieved "Country fact sheet: Japan" (PDF).It is noted for having a strong film industry, due in part to protections afforded by the French government.Archived from the original on "The National Assembly and the Senate General Characteristics of the Parliament".La France en Chine (in French).Another major destination are the castles (French: châteaux ) of the Loire Valley ; this World Heritage Site is noteworthy for its architectural heritage, in its historic towns but in particular its castles, such as the Châteaux d' Amboise, de Chambord, d' Ussé, de Villandry.

Under the law wives have an equal voice in selecting the location of the couple's residence and generally received half the couple's assets if the marriage ended.
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