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She dates Krusty the Clown.
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24 It was revealed by Homer Marge dyes her hair with blue dye #56, stating "She's been gray as a mule since she was seventeen." 25 Because of her unusually large hairstyle, her height is reported to be 8'6 as noted by Apu.
" thoh " Treehouse of Horror X " Episode " E-I-E-I-D'oh " Episode " Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder " Episode " Eight Misbehavin' " Episode " Take My Wife, Sleaze " Episode " Grift of the Magi " Episode " Little Big Mom " Episode.Homer and Marge have been divorced and remarried again a number of times.6 Wild Escapades Despite these tendencies, Marge has had her fair share of wild escapades throughout the history of the series.Future At age 45, Marge leaves Homer after he blew the family savings on an underwater home.As shown when she was about 7, Patty and Selma told Marge to hide their cigarettes in her dollhouse.50 51 Kavner's emotional performance in the movie got positive reviews and one critic said she "gave what must be the most heartfelt performance ever".Chief executive of Playboy Enterprises, Scott Flanders, has said that the cover and centerfold were "somewhat tongue-in-cheek".
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Friends Marge does not usually make friends because of the disasters of Homer, as seen in " The Last of the Red Hat Mamas where she had to hide that she was part of the Cheery Red Tomatoes.
However, their relationship has been put through countless strains and tests in the series, such as Homer's accidental marriage with Amber and Marge's flirtation with Jacques.The Eighteenth Amendment " Episode " Grade School Confidential " Episode " The Canine Mutiny " Episode " The Old Man and the Lisa " Episode " In Marge We Trust " Episode " Homer's Enemy " Episode " The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase " Episode.Lisa was born soon after and Homer's father Abe purchased their house for them.Playboy Shoot The Playboy cover In October 2009, it was announced Marge would be featured on the front cover of the November issue of Playboy.He sketched out his version of a dysfunctional family, and named the characters after various members of his own family, with Marge being the name of his mother.Lisa was born soon after, and the couple bought their first house.