Fuck your mom/mother Chinga tu madre Fuck your fucking mother Chinga tu puta madre I fucked your mother Yo chingé a tu madre I fucked your mother last night Jode tu madre ayer noche I shit in your whore mother's milk Yo cago.
One Australian soldier at the time referred to Papua New Guineans as funny as a bagfull of rencontre avec salopes gros seins monkeys.
You shit and jumped in it Cagaste y saltaste en la caca You smell like shit Hueles a mierda Fuck The all-round, multi-purpose Spanish swear word.
Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson : There are three things, young gentlemen, which you are constantly to bear in mind.The Spaniards have an alarmingly rich vocabulary of swear words and vulgarities: ranging from one-word cusses to full-sentence chants like me cago en todo lo que echange matelas fly se menea!To Excuse Profanity, the deprecatory use of the word French was adapted, and in addition to identifying something as pornographic or profane, it also became an apology for using obscene language.When it comes right down to it, this page will pretty much teach you anything your formal Spanish teacher didn't - so long as we are talking about swearing, cursing, cussing, extreme insulting, or just plain talking obscenely.The blogger recounts an anecdotal story of overhearing an elderly Dundee woman talking about a grandchild, saying, Och, the pair wee cunts got the maist affy colic, meaning, Oh, the poor little soul has the most terrible stomach pains.Another myth is that during the Hundred Years War, the French would cut off the middle fingers of captured English archers so they couldnt draw longbow strings.The earliest form of shit is found in the Old English verb scitan, which ultimately derives from the Indo-European root skei-, meaning to cut or split, which also makes shit a distant relative of science, conscience, schedule, and shield.The earliest use of ass as ones bottom end comes from an 1860 nautical text, which referred to the ass end of a pulley system, which was referred to as the arse end in a very similar 1721 document.As bitter a global conflict as ever fought, English opinion of the French was summed.What is pendejo in English?
It became used as a slur against black people in the US in the early 19th century, derived from the Portuguese barracoos, or slave pen, and popularized by George Washington Dixons blackface minstrel act, Zip Coon.The initial use was as a derogatory term for the native peoples wherever US troops were deployed.Some believe the term to be derived from the Latin cunnus, but this is somewhat unlikely.The word probably entered the English language from Low German, Frisian, Dutch, or possibly Norse via Scottish.Go to a dick) Vete a la verga culero Fucking asshole Puto pendejo Groin La ingle I love your ass Me encanta tu culo Jackass Pendejo Kiss my ass Beso mi culo / Besame el culo / Vete a la mierda Kiss my ass, Bitch.Chromlea Language Tutor Privacy Amazon Disclosure).What is the English translation of besa mi culo?If you are of age, I'd still like to note that this page does include some very strong profanity and extreme insults.(literally 'Are you in the mood?