libertine package options

Libertine was split between libertineotf and libertine-legacy, the latter now has lost support altogether and has been replaced by libertine-type1 and biolinum-type1.
n name, -name name User friendly container name.
Libertine-container-manager exec options Runs an arbitrary command in the specified Libertine container.
Command, overview libertine-container-manager create options, create a new Libertine container.Libertine-container-manager install-package options Options: -h, -help Prints help for this command and exits.Ctan Comprehensive TeX Archive Network, location: ctan, packages libertine.i ID, -id ID Container identifier.Announcements, here you can change de dollars en dirhams see a respective diagram in newer browsers.p package, -package package Name of package to install.Libertine italic and Greek letter for the existing math italic and Greek glyphs, making a mathematics package that matches Libertine text quite well.
If you are a XeLaTeX or a LuaLaTeX user, the libertineotf package provides the functionality available in the old package.
TX fonts distribution) into two independent packages, y and y, each with fixes and enhancements.Libertine-container-manager update options Updates the packages inside an existing Libertine container.Ubuntu and Canonical are registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd.s search_string, -search-string search_string String to search for in the package cache.Default container is used if omitted.