hilarious 8 year old irish girl prank call

Then there was the time she rang a escort passport 9500ix euro цена tyre company rencontre emme de 45 ans salopes dans le 42 to ask if it took spare tyres, "because my mam has one and my dad says she's looking to get rid of it".
Otherwise known as nine year old Rebecca Barry from Dublin, Little Becky has been entertaining listeners to Dublinss 98FM breakfast show for some time.
"I really like it she says.We had a whole office singing The Sound of Music down the phone to her the other day he says.We knew we could do it better if we found the right person, and then we found Becky.".The pair invited Becky to sing on their Christmas show ever bourse d'échange panini 2018 hainaut since.Says Becky to Irish Times journalist Róisín Ingle.Having heard she's also a veteran of Twink's showbiz classes, I am expecting a precocious kid, oozing repulsive amounts of stage-school smarm.
But perhaps because the calls are being made in Ireland, where it could be argued folk are a little more laid back, very few of the people Becky calls refuse to let the station air the call."It's usually the other way around.".The presenters came up with the idea for Little Becky after hearing a similar slot on a Los Angeles station.Becky calls a local demolition company and requests that they demolish her school, with the teachers in it!"So then Dermot and Dave got me in to sing on their show every Christmas, and then a year ago they called and said they had a job for me she says.Expand all comments, InnoLabs.

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She just comes in here and zips up and down the corridors on her Heelys.