The Maneuver by Gossard seems to imply that echange carte magic unlike some of the straight-jackets of the 1950s, one could actually manoeuvre whilst wearing this quite attractive foundation.
But the intonation thats used says a lot A guy can say alright, love?
Quark: A dog that is able to roll into a tiny ball.
No girdle was ever that good!Bumper: Exceptionally fine, large, or successful 117.Daze: A dog who gets people in a state of stunned confusion or bewilderment.Karma: Destiny or fate.Flabby, cold in winter, wretchedly hot in summer, I feel that sometimes that these slogans were penned by Real Estate agents!Teddy: Means gift of God amy also refer to anything soft and fluffy, like the Teddy Bear.182: Bullet: The projectile that comes from firearms 183: Cadillac: Large, luxury vehicles; sometimes refered to as Caddys 184: Caiya: Cute name for a female dog 185: Cameo: action coquine A lovely piece of jewelry, mostly shaped oval 186: Candy: Small and sweet 187: Brickle Brittle: easily.
Even that stalwart of a century of corsetry, camp, has made the odd blunder.
All the garments were linked; the brassiere to the girdle or corset by hooks, and the girdle to the stockings by suspenders.
Perhaps it implies that you can be frisky and leap about whilst wearing their products.Bashful: Very shy to strangers 138.Crave: A dog that is asled or desired 116.At least it would dry quickly after washing!As for, Tummy-ins, I'm sorry.Whilst most British women were still wearing conventional girdles (and their mothers wearing corsets American woman was well into panty-girdles of a style and effectiveness that never quite crossed the Atlantic.Cadbury: For a very sweet and unusual dog.