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DejaOffice vs Outlook App on Android.
PowerShell The Exchange Management Shell includes x plane commande the Get-MessageTrackingLog cmdlet that can be used for message tracking log searches.
If you don't want to use DejaOffice then simply set it to sync to native Android Contacts and Android Calendar.
Fast and secure sync from your PC to your Phone.Using PowerShell to search message tracking logs is a big topic so I've written a separate article about it including many sample queries that you can build off to suit your own situations.Configuring Message Tracking for Exchange Server 2010.Works directly inside your copy of Outlook without changing your existing folders.In addition to enabling/disabling message tracking logs you can also configure some other settings as appropriate for your environment.However this is entirely up to you, and if your logs are being backed up you can always consider restoring older logs from backup if required.
OfficeCalendar Online allows you to access your personal and shared Outlook data Online via a web browser using a PC or Mac based computer.
If you take a look at the Tracking Log Explorer mentioned above you'll notice that as you construct a query it generates the equivalent PowerShell command below that, which means the Tracking Log Explorer is a good way to get started with the PowerShell syntax.Delivery report search results for regular mailbox users Message Tracking Log Explorer Message tracking log searches can also be performed in the Tracking Log Explorer, a GUI search tool that is part of the Exchange Management Console.DejaOffice vs Native Apps on Android.OfficeCalendar also offers powerful group calendaring and scheduling capabilities that even Microsoft Exchange Server doesnt offer.Exchange based syncs are slow - taking 15 minutes or more to sync changes.Exclusive Outlook group calendars that makes group scheduling a breeze.Message tracking is a feature of Hub Transport, Edge Transport, and Mailbox servers as these are the.Switch your method at any time.Secure Sync - No need to share your data with Microsoft, Google or Apple.