Editor's note: This review has been updated to include mention of the Escort Passport Max 2's ability to eliminate repeated false radar detection hits).
For design, I like the Cobra iRadar Atom better, which relies on its associated app as the alert interface.
The device offers good detection capability, and its app connectivity is a modern touch.
Specific Time Points in Video that correspond with the mentioned Option/Preference 1:55, demonstration and Diagram of buttons.Meter Mode - Simple Option 23:05, tones 24:00, auto Mute Option 24:42, auto Learn 27:25, units and Voice Option(s) 27:49, gPS Filter 28:39, auto Power 30:45.In California, the highway is ashley jacobs a high end call girl patrol uses both laser and pop-up radar.Likewise, pop-up radar is usually too fast for a detector to help.I show how to get into the options on the detector, and how to change every single option using just the detector itself.Escort solves that problem with the, passport, max 2, integrating Bluetooth connectivity into this next-generation radar detector.As one drawback, the Passport Max 2 called out red-light cameras for surface streets when I was merely passing near or over them on a freeway.You can find help with this detector on the m and/or RDF.Josh Miller/cnet In sum At 599 msrp, the Escort Passport Max 2 is certainly one of the more expensive radar detectors on the market.The app includes map locations for radar hits and red-light cameras, and also lets you report speedtrap locations.
The Passport Max 2 sounded off with a K-band radar hit, and its audible and visual alerts showed increasing strength as I drove.
The Escort Passport Max 2 includes GPS and a smartphone app.When approaching a radar detector, the audible alert gained frequency, but also lowered its volume automatically so as not to be annoying.However, I saw many obvious false hits from the Passport Max.The unit measures.3.2.3 inches, much thicker than the average smartphone, and.6 ounces it also has a bit of heft.The 12-volt power cord, which includes buttons for some basic functions, plugs into the side, then drapes down the middle of the dashboard to a power point.The app itself works OK, but is limited in scope.