106511 (528th FS, 311th FG, 14th AF) shot down by ground fire near Tayang, China Jul 8, 1945.
10815 (74th FS, 23rd FG) crashed site rdv libertins from unknown cause 20 mi S of gay escort monaco Nanking, China Dec 8, 1944.
To Dominican Republic as 1940.
63280 (301st Service Squadron, 8th Service Group, 5th AF) in landing accident at Dagua Airfield East Sepik, Papua New Guinea May 1, 1945.103321 (357th FS, 355th FG) forcelanded at Matching, England Jun 27, 1944.SOC Feb 24, to RAF as Mustang IVA KM285.SOC Jul 16, 1947.Shot down by AAA off Grado May 1, to RAF as Mustang IVA KH693.73322 to rcaf as 9573.W/o t Potter Field, CA 10755 (MSN 3072) W/o t 3 Mi NW Tolland, CO; Sacremento Air Depot, Ca surveyed Sep 2, to DPC Bush Fld Feb 20, to DPC Gary Fld, Blythe, Ca Nov 6, to RFC Gary Fld, Blythe, Ca Feb 2,.SOC Jan 21, to RAF as Mustang IV KH646.SOC Jan 2, to RAF as Mustang III FZ101.
11518 to New Zealand as NZ24Stored until 1952.
Out of Medoland Diamond p,3,1:54.3h (105,145 dam of winners of 821,278.
Wrecked when overshot landing at Gilze-Rijen les escort girl Dec 28, 1944 after engine failure.Out of a granddaughter of Romantic Hanover p,4,2:04.4h (30,737 dam of winners of 413,022.14554 (505th FS, 339th FG, 8th AF) ground looped on takeoff at RAF Fowlmenre, Cambridgeshire, England Mar 28, 1945.73086 reportedly w/o Aug 8, (MSN ) to Swiss AF in 1948 as J-2057.106493 (309th FS, 31st FG, 15th AF) crashlaned 2 mi N of San Severo airfield, Foggia, Italy May 27, 1944.SOC Dec 13, to RAF as Mustang IVA KM141.