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Macr (14th FG) lost Feb 14, 1944.
10365 (MSN 5058) remanufactured by Beech as C-45H in 1954.
But NTU and plane remained at comment commencer site libertin Archerfield.
3974 crashed at Natal, Brazil Jun 6, 1944.10851 (MSN 4899) to CAA as NC335.To South Vietnamese AF as svaf 3480Crashed (MSN 13831/25276) to usaaf Jul 7, 1944.2 crew KIA, one bailed out and became POW.8880 to RAF as Baltimore V FW723.Transferred to Kearney AAF, Nebraska Jul 28, 1944.49563 (MSN 15379/26824) to usaaf Dec 15, 1944, to US Navy as R4D- 49564 (MSN 26825) to Paraguayan AF as 5-55, reserialled to FAP-2025 in 1980.II FT987, but remained in USA and returned to usaaf.
SOC Apr 11, to RAF as Baltimore V FW855.85 Rep and Salvang Unit.41855 to RAF as Hadrian II FR655.Caqncelled Apr 12, (MSN 996) to RAF as Argus III HB758.12264 to RAF as Mustang III FX948.

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