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Valens his wife had three children: a) galatius (-early 372). .
Iordanes names " Severa " as first wife of " Valentinianus senior " when recording that she consented to her husband's second marriage. .
Iordanes names " Amalfridam germanam suam Theoderici " as the olx escort pg pr mother of " Theodehadi qui postea rex fuit " but does not name his father 242. .
Paulus Diaconus names " Rodelindam " as wife of King Perctarit, when recording that she and her son were exiled to Benevento by Duke Grimoald after he deposed her husband 479. .Fredegar records that " Taso unus ex ducebus Langobardorum cum agerit Tuscana provincial " rebelled against King Ariowalt after his accession 441. .However, it is likely considering the references in Paulus Diaconus to his married daughter (see below) before the record of the birth of his son by Queen Theodelindis, unless this daughter was illegitimate.A later plan cul sur lens manuscript of the Origo Gentis Langobardorum records that " Pertari " ruled for 18 years 478.A Goth military commander, he became sword-bearer of King Athalaric and King Theodahad, the latter appointing him as supreme commander of the entire Gothic army which installed him in Nov 536 as vitigis King of Italy. .The Annales Sancti Emmerammi record the death " 810 Id Iul " of " Pippinus " 623.Paulus Diaconus records the capture of " filia regis Agilulfi cum viro suo Gudescalco de civitate Parmensi " by the army of " Gallicini patricii " who took them to Ravenna 418. .The Chronicle of Marcellinus records that " Valentinianus Gratiani frater et Theodosius imperatores " defeated the rebel " Maximum tyrannum et Victorem filius eius " at Aquileia in 388 135. ." Adailhaidem, Atulam, Guntradam, Berthaidem ac Theoderadam " are named as daughters of Pippin by Einhard 632. .The Chronicon Paschale names " Eudociam et Placidiam " as the two daughters of " Valentinianus junior Augustus " and his wife " Eudoxia filia Theodosii et Eudocæ Augustæ " 125. .
If this is right, the marriage to Rodoald is even less likely as he would have been Gundberga's stepson, a fact which if true would have been the subject of comment in contemporary records.
M secondly (950) bernardo Conte di Pavia, son of - (-976. .Thegan's Vita Hludowici Imperatoris names " Bernhardus filius Pippini ex concubina " 627.Procopius names " Eudocia and Placidia " as children of " Eudoxiaand Valentinian recording that Eudocia was married to Huneric, the older son of Gaiseric, while the other was the wife of Olybrius, a Roman senator 179. .After the death of his brother, he continued to hold the city of Cumae but surrendered it in 553/54 340.Iordanes names " unamThiudigoto et aliam Ostrogotho " as the two daughters of Theodoric born " ex concubinain Moesia " before his marriage to Audofledis, specifying that they came to Italy and were married " unam Alarico Vesegotharum et aliam Sigismundo Burgundzonorum " 302. .Liutprand names " Stephaniam, genere Romanam " the third of King Ugo's concubines, specifying that she was given the nickname prostituées gambie " Semelen " by the people 709.The Chronographia Brevis of Patriarch Nikephoros records that " Olybrius son of " Placidia, Areobindi uxor married " Irenesquæ Magnæ Anastasii Imp.Theodahad repelled the initial threat in Dalmatia in 536, but an imperial fleet occupied Split and Dubrovnik. .However, the Byzantine fleet which arrived in summer 869 departed abruptly, although the reasons for this are unclear, and the betrothal was terminated. .Mistress (2) : pezola, daughter. .

Pope Gregory I presented her with gifts to reward her efforts in converting the Lombards to Catholicism 417.