Foreign relations edit In practice, a protectorate often has direct foreign relations only with the protecting power, so other states must deal with it by approaching the protector.
Pontianak Sultanate Sambas Sultanate (1819 Kubu Sultanate Landak Sultanate?Sintang Sultanate (1822 Sukadana Sultanate?The Berlin agreement of February 26, 1885 allowed the colonial powers to establish protectorates fnac spectacle echange billet in Black Africa (the last region to be divided among them) by diplomatic notification, even without actual possession on the ground.However, a state which remains under the protection of another state but still retains independence is known as a protected state and is different from protectorates.Present Djibouti was originally, since, the Territory of Obock and Protectorate of Tadjoura (Territoires Français d'Obock, Tadjoura, Dankils et Somalis a French protectorate recognized by Britain on 9 February 1888, renamed on French Somaliland (Côte Française des Somalis).Pour ajouter des entrées à votre liste de vocabulaire, vous devez rejoindre la communauté Reverso.Centre for Small State Studies.Cest simple et rapide.Kutai Kertanegara Sultanate Gunung Tabur Sultanate (?) and Bulungan Sultanate (?) in Borneo.Law as a Tool of Oppression and Liberation: Institutional Histories and Perspectives on Political Independence in Hawaii, Tahiti Nui/French Polynesia and Rapa Nui.
References edit French edit Larousse, Pierre; Paul Augé ; Claude Augé (1925).
Liberia was founded and established as a homeland for freed African-Americans and ex-Caribbean slaves who left the United States and the Caribbean islands with help and support from the American Colonization Society.Sovereign states that have been able to unilaterally depute certain attributes of sovereignty to larger powers in exchange for benign protection of their political and economic viability against their geographic or demographic constraints".United Nations protectorates edit Joint protectorates edit Further information: Condominium (international law) The Adriatic Republic of Ragusa (present-day Dubrovnik in Croatian Dalmatia) was a joint Habsburg Austrian Ottoman Turkish protectorate from to (exceptionally both a Catholic and a Muslim protector).Langkat echange moto contre voiture suisse Sultanate Deli Sultanate Asahan Sultanate (27 September 1865 Siak Sultanate (1 February 1858) and Indragiri Sultanate (1838?) in Sumatra Jogjakarta Sultanate (13 February 1755 Mataram Empire and Surakarta Sunanate (26 February 1677 Duchy of Mangkunegara (24 February 1757) and Duchy of Paku Alaman.1 (Feb., 1958.Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa, 18801995.Vous souhaitez rejeter cette entrée : veuillez indiquer vos commentaires (mauvaise traduction/définition, entrée dupliquée, ).Jouer, dictionnaire de la langue française, principales Références.In modern times, a form of amical protection can be seen as an important or defining feature of microstates.When the differences in the versions came to light, Emperor Menelik II abrogated first the article in question (xvii and later the whole treaty.

Officially in a treaty becomes a French protectorate, until 1917 when it was annexed.