On line 9 of the Properties window double-cllck on "Sheet2" and enter the name Spreadsheet.
For example, every worksheet has a Worksheet_Change event that is called in response to changes on that worksheet.
In my opinion, this keeps to project better organized.Different Types of Excel echange sous vetement VBA Events There are different objects in Excel such as Excel itself (to which we often refer to as the application workbooks, worksheets, charts, etc.Purchases must be made via this site.Step 2: We will change the name (Caption) on the tab of "sheet1" to "Introduction".Notice that the macro stops on line.The first is to declare the App variable (of type Application in the ThisWorkbook code module.You can do this manually, assign it to a button and do this by pressing the button or call it from the Workbook Close event.Remember that you can use "ALT/F11" to navigate from Excel to the VBE and back.You will discover the split screen function in lesson 6 of the downloadable the course on VBA for Excel (Macros).You should always be sure to set EnableEvents property back to True to enable events to be called normally.When you want to open related files along with the workbook.
If the Properties window is already located below the Project window there is nothing left.
Run "MyMacro" When/if doing as shown above, you will NOT be able to reference the variable Target from within MyMacro.If you have purchased and downloaded the course on Excel Macros and opened the Excel file " vba-tutorial-editor.While you can start writing the code from scratch, its much better to select the event from a list of options and let VBA automatically insert the relevant code for the selected event.Print this page, open Excel and a open a new workbook.The easiest way to start with events and event procedures is to allow the VBA editor to build the shell code for you.When you add, delete, or edit a cell comment.You can write code in the Worksheet_Change event procedure to take some action depending on which cell was changed or based upon the newly changed value.Excel automatically does this as soon as it notices that an event has taken place.UserForm Level Events: These events would be triggered based on the actions in the UserForm.OnKey "PgUp " Application.

The EnableEvents setting, discussed later, has no effect on events of user forms or controls on user forms.