But again, to each his or her own it's just a word.
Fairy If she became the royal escort police bike crash real fairy of your so long imagination.
Ladies, lets face it: there are a lot of adorable nicknames a guy can call you, but one of the most precious and heartwarming names is undoubtedly baby girl.
I think its a cop out for guys to avoid calling you by your first name, especially when you first start dating and there may still be other girls in the picture.Miss Licks A Lot.Cutie / Cutie Head / Cutie Pie For a girl who is amazingly beautiful.Baby Doll / Doll Face / Baby girl.Monkey Muffins Best nickname to call your gooey girlfriend.Bestie, if your best friend has become your girlfriend too.Erin.,.Its such a time to introduce a cute nickname.
Summer For a girl who brings light to your life / make you shine.Sprinkles Its for a girl who spread the happiness, fun on your life like a topping.However, once Im dating someone for a longer period of time I can look past babe.First, I'm generally a grouch about sappy things.Magical Fairy For a girl who turns your environment happy.Nightmare of hair, Nightmare or Limonchik The first time this one boyfriend called me babe, I stuck my tongue out and waved a hang loose sign because I felt like we were living inside a surfer movie.Babe seems more of an adjective like shes a babe instead of a term used specifically for.Tapatio, Tapa, Potato, Tappy Feet, Ciabatta or Ixtapa I actually think couples that call each other babe constantly are gross and unimaginative!Self-preservation is a thing.