97 escort flexplate

Usually it's MEK (Methyl Ethyl Keytone) or mibk(Methyl Isobutyl Keytone.) The only reason you'll need to know what it's made annonce sexe france of is because you'll have to dispose.
Production: 1971 7,800; approx.
If using a multi-port fuel injected engine (TPI, LT1, LS1, etc) you'll need the replace the in-tank fuel pump with perle escort trans one that does much higher pressure, has a return line, and either add a baffle to the fuel tank or a small fuel reservior.The assy is 7-1/4" dia.Another thing to check for on the Vega is the Water Shield made onto the Kick Panel.Early versions had an external slave cylinder which was mounted to the bell housing.I think both are do-able.Even cars that never had rear swaybars have control arms with these holes.If the backlash is off (.005" -.008" with used gears) you will need different shims.
I prefer a dog chain.Only the slightly long hood (by today's standards) and 13" wheels date it in any way.They cost.00.I agree that this maintains the cars neutrality, while still allowing throttle oversteer.This can be done with a piece of strap steel.I think Clyde's setup probably is the cleanest looking in terms of factory appearance.

The identifying code is either located on a metal tag attached to a cover bolt or is stamped on the right front side axle tube about 3 inches outboard of the carrier, approximately 30 to 45 degrees above the horizontal.
They are relocating thier operations right now and told my brother (who works at an Addco retailer) that they had no company to cad plate the bars, so delivery time right now is unknown.
Swap done in '92 with '79 wagon into '74 GT HB, later into present '73 GT I've lost track exactly which wiper motor is in there.